Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) is one of the largest housing providers in London. We play an active role in tackling London's housing crisis by building homes at developments across London. We also help many people buy their first home by providing affordable housing through schemes such as Shared Ownership and Help to Buy.

To provide a first class, highly responsive service to the thousands of people who contact us each year, we engage the support of some of the country's leading estate agents.

Below we explain how we use your data to: assist your property search, keep you updated about new developments, support you through the purchasing process and make your transition to becoming a home owner as smooth as possible.

Keeping you updated

As one of London's largest developers we're building homes in some of London's most sought after areas. This means that even if you're not ready to purchase now, or you can't currently find an NHG home which meets your needs, we will proactively contact you when we have a home available which we think is the right fit for you.

To enable us to do this we -

  • Store the details of the people who contact us - NHG is contacted by thousands of people each year either by phone, email, social media, through our website or on one of the property portals we advertise on.

    We save this information on one of our systems to make sure the right person is responding to you as soon as possible. If we can't help you in your search immediately, we keep your information so we can match you with the right homes as soon as something becomes available.
  • Pass your information to the right person to help you - We know how important finding the right home is for you and in London's competitive housing market speed can be of the essence. To enable us to respond in a high quality, focussed way to the thousands of people who contact us each year, we work with some of the country's top estate agents.

    When you supply your contact information -
  • The contact forms on our website will tell you if your information will be sent to an estate agent
  • Our property portal listings will show you if the property you're interested in is being managed by an agent
  • The response you receive will include an email signature which tells you the organisation you're talking to. NHG emails will include our logo in the signature and the email address will be in this format -
  • Use data to optimise our channels - We use a number of analytical tools to ensure we're providing a service through our online channels which is optimised for the needs of the people we support. For our website we use unattributed data to customise the information we present. We also use the data we collect through submissions to gauge the performance of our online marketing tools (websites, PPC, Ad Words, Social Media Marketing, Emailers). This unattributed data is used to score the performance of our digital marketing to help us drive improvements in how we market to you.
  • Optimise our messages to the audience receiving them - We process the data we use to target messages to the people who we feel would benefit most from hearing them. This mainly takes place through third party platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Mailchimp) who have their own technology and processes to facilitate this process. You can find information by visiting the platforms listed above.
  • Store your data in a secure way - NHG follows best practice when it comes to managing your information. The systems we use are built and managed in a way which reflects best practice in information security. As an organisation, we follow GDPR principles when collecting, sharing and retaining your data.
  • We stop contacting you when you no longer wish to hear from us - NHG can contact you in a number of different ways but, generally, we use the telephone and email. If you tell us you no longer wish to be contacted, we will remove you from our list of contactable prospective homeowners.
  • Unsubscribe - Our marketing emails will include an option to unsubscribe, if you click on this link, we will know longer send this type of email to you.
  • Reply saying you are no longer interested - As we have a number of partners who we will engage to help with your property search we won't always be the organisation which contacts you. If you're contacted by one of our partners, you can reply to their email saying you no longer wish to be contacted.
    You can follow the same process for phone calls.

Email to say you no longer wish to be contacted - We will then remove you from our mailing lists and ensure that we don't contact you again.