Use our tool to find out if Shared Ownership is cheaper each month than renting in your area.


The average rent in London is now over £2000 a month according to Zoopla†, an increase of 13.5% compared to 2022. When faced with tenancy deposits, uncapped rent increases, short-term tenancies and the increased cost of living, renting can be an expensive business.

Imagine if you could spend less money than you do on monthly rent, own part of your home and start saving towards your future instead of your landlord’s. Shared Ownership can make the process of buying a home in London a lot more accessible, and your monthly payments can even work out cheaper than renting. Try our simple calculator to find out how much you could be paying per month with Shared Ownership compared to the average rent for a similar sized home in the same area. Just input your search criteria and explore your options: 

What is Shared Ownership?

Through Shared Ownership, you can buy a high-quality home in affordable stages. You start out by buying a minimum share of your home (usually 25% but it depends on the development). You pay a mortgage on the part you own and subsidised rent on the other part.  

A faster way to home ownership

You only have to pay a deposit based on the share of the home you own, which is a portion of its overall value. That means you need a smaller deposit than if you were buying the home outright, making it quicker and easier to save money. 

Your space, your way

You have more freedom than renting - you can make the space your own, decorate how you like, have a pet and live life your way. 

Flexibility for the future

By part-owning a home you’re investing in your future and when you’re ready, you can increase the amount you own all the way to 100% (if you want to).