17 December 2022

According to our Sales research team, 5,599 newbuild apartments were sold in central London within 2021!* Buying a brand new home certainly hasn't lost its appeal. Whether you are a first time buyer, upgrading or downsizing, home buyers will have to weigh up what is important to them when deciding to buy a new build home... Below we cover a number of key points to consider and the benefits of buying new.

So what are the advantages of buying a new build home?

Everything about the property is brand new, you don’t have to worry about fixtures, fittings and appliances being worn out or broken. You don’t get the sort of surprises that you may find with older properties, whether it’s décor, damp or a door that won’t close, you won’t have to move in and expect the unexpected. When buying with Notting Hill Genesis you’ll have the benefit of a new homes warranty, giving you the peace of mind that your home has been built to nationally accepted industry standards. You can also check with your Sales Executive on defects cover and which warranty is being offered for more details on the specific policy, it’s always a good idea to check this for what is included and any exclusions.

This leads on to our next point; if you don’t see your DIY skills being on point, not to worry as new homes come with easier maintenance upkeep. New build buyers with Notting Hill Genesis can look forward to high quality modern materials, private balconies/terraces and also most developments come with integrated appliances. This could also save the solo home buyers out there a lot of time when there's no one to split up the chores with. New materials also look very fancy! So it's perfect to suit the luxurious lifestyle you deserve, or the Instagram fame you crave with some sweet backdrops you can customise (oh wait, that’s just your living room)!

Another benefit of using modern materials and building techniques is the latest in safety and security features. Many of our developments have security key fobs, video entry phone systems, secured parking for cars or cycles or concierge services who can take care of keys and parcels delivered in your absence.

Worried about rising energy bills? New build properties are built using modern materials and building techniques, meaning they are better insulated and have more efficient heating and lighting systems. You could be saving hundreds of pounds each year in bills with 82% of new build properties rated A or B energy efficiency ratings compared to those living in older homes where only 3% of existing properties match this rating.


Over 6000 new build properties were sold in London during 2020, even with 9 of the 12 months being within a lockdown!*

Another benefit of a new build development with a wide choice of apartments and houses is being able to view a number of different layouts and styles. These could include open plan and separated living spaces to suit your lifestyle, whether that’s catering to working from home or having gatherings with friends and family, having different window views, or facing different directions for sunrise and sunset. The choice on layouts and features is not always as widely available with older homes located in your prime search area.

When moving into a new build home, especially at the developments we have available, it’s often the case that you're moving in at a similar time as some of your neighbours. Even with some developments being available with a wide range of buying options, you will still have lots in common from the start as you progress along your new home journey and what attracted you to the area. You're not going to be an outsider moving into a street of people who have already clicked together – the community is there to be built with you at the heart of it!

Communal gardens offer a great place to escape from the bustle of the city. Research from the Mental Health Foundation saw that 45% of people during the Covid-19 pandemic found that visiting green spaces helped them cope with stress and a communal garden offers that area to relax and unwind, or even chat to neighbours after a long day.
They’re are a great places to go for a picnic as you’re so close to the comfort of home. Or you can also simply enjoy the greenery without having to worry about the weeding, grass trimming and general upkeep of the plants! This is partly what your service charge would go to cover. Getting outside and keeping active is so important. According to Patient Info News 85% of people said it improved their mental health, reduced stress and helped them be more creative.

What is a service charge and what does it cover?

We always plan our developments to be near to or to contain amenities that we know our buyers appreciate like fast travel links, parks, shops and places to socialise. We try to ensure everything you’ll need will either be nearby or easy to get to.

There's a number of schemes supported by the government and available exclusively for new build properties, such as Shared Ownership and London Help to Buy: Equity Loan. These schemes can help first-time buyers and those who don't currently own their own home get onto the property ladder. They can actually help some buyers get on the housing ladder earlier in a home that otherwise may have seemed out of reach!

If you’re a first-time buyer, you gain the benefit of not being in a chain of buyers meaning less stress and hassle outside of your control. Other buyers who are upgrading or downsizing still get the added benefit of our expert sales team, and the specialist financial advisors and solicitors who we work closely with. New home buyers will be buying the property directly from the developer so when the property is ready to buy and move in to, it’s possible to exchange within 28 days of reserving and completion can be processed within 5-10 days.

Buying with us feels good. At Notting Hill Genesis we build and maintain quality homes, creating diverse and thriving communities to meet the growing housing needs of Londoners. We invest back into those communities we work in, providing supporting services and building more homes for the future. If you're in the market for a new home, we currently have 20 developments, predominantly across London, all with new build apartments available via Shared Ownership or Private sale. For more information check them out online or call 020 3815 2222.

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